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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Sanska Group website. At Sanska, we offer value added services across the entire vessels life span. We differentiate ourselves by providing personalized and reliable marine asset management satisfying the aspirations, goals, and objectives of all our stakeholders.

Our corporate ethos is based on being “A trusted business partner”. We have achieved exemplary customer satisfaction that is a direct result of our commitment to offer service delivery based on responsiveness, delivery precision, and continuous improvement. The Sanska Group ‘’customer first’’ spirit further drives our in-house experts, to go an extra mile providing customized leading edge services as per the clients’ requirements.

At Sanska, 

We deliver the owners need to maximize asset value preservation, uptime and availability, and quality assurance. 

Utilizing efficiencies of scale and sub-genre specialization, we leverage our core competencies within the realms of technical, crewing, projects, and new builds providing a one stop solution across the entire ship-owning value chain.

At the Sanska Group, we attribute our success to our pool of dedicated and talented employees, both ashore and at sea. We have heavily invested in recruitment, training, thought leadership and knowledge management and look upon our human capital as an indispensable resource and a key factor to our overall achievement. We have developed and implemented pioneering Quality, Safety and Environment Management and IT systems enabling us to track performance, make informed decisions and speed up effective execution in real time.

Good corporate governance, transparency, and sustainability are anchored within our core values and we endeavour to support the communities and environments we work within. This is also reflected in our day-to-day operations striving to reduce the environmental impact of our customers’ fleets, keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum.

We look forward to adding more details on our website in the near future and this should be a constant source of updated information.


We aspire to meet the needs of our clients through the provision of responsive and high quality manpower recruitment services with utmost transparency and integrity.


We strive to stay committed in providing workforce of the highest quality possible for all our clients.

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Recruit Ship Crew

We help you to get EFFICIENT & SKILLED crew for your ship.


Let Your Team Match the Company Operational Standards.

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Sanska Group is specialized only for Ships Manning & Training.

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