Marine Consultancy

Why is Marine Consultancy Important?

Shipping is a global 24/7 operation that is complex and requires a deep understanding of the shipping and maritime sector. A technical partner is an invaluable resource to any owner, manager, or charterer and can assist with questions on fuels, lubes, machinery problems, regulations, and more.


Our Marine Consultancy services at The Viswa Group help ship owners, managers, and charterers to cost-effectively manage and improve asset performance, reliability, efficiency, and operations throughout the entire lifecycle.

The Value of Marine Consultancy​

Viswa Maritime Consultancy is a world-class maritime services company and consultancy providing an extensive range of business solutions, advice, and support for all kinds of maritime related projects.

Our consultancy services help clients:

  • Ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Strengthen their competitive advantage.
  • Reduce and eliminate risks and costs.
  • Improve safety and performance.
  • Hit targets on time and within budget.