Maritime Training Education

Details of senior management in house training looking after SAMET’s training

Capt. Asheesh Kaushik

Presently Head of the UK training programs for SAMET

Experience: 2 years

Sailed on lpg, lpg/c, lng.

2 yard delivery for Maersk for lpg/c. Yard delivery team for Shell Al Wukir for Nakilat.

4.5 yrs as principal for pre sea college (VMI Pune).

Mr Dillip Nayak

Head of SAMET

Graduated from DMET, Marine Chief Engineer, Fleet Manager for 10 years New Asian

Shipping and MSC, 10 Years as Technical Superintendent in Univan, Tanker Pacific.

Dean of CV Raman Engineering College for 2 years.

Mr SS Chand

Deputy Head of SAMET

Marine Chief Engineer, 18 years as Technical Superintendent in Walllem Ship management

Hong Kong, handling LPG’s, VLCs including dry docking and yard delivery.

Sara Patra

Head of Quality, Health and Safety

Mechanical Engineer with MBA, 2 years of experience in Maritime Coast Guard agency UK,

10 years director of UK Based STCW training centre for STCW and Cadet training

programme, quality audits, BV Lead Auditor

Captain Vikas Patra


Master Mariner, Master in Law and Shipping management, Ship owner of 3 feeder vessels inUK (2012 – 2016), DPA & CSO (4 years), 8 Years as Head of Maritime Enterprise at Liverpool John Moores University (UK), 2 Years at Head of Maritime (STCW) Department at University of Suffolk (Lowestoft College), Director of HR Maritime (UK Licensed Arm-guard company),Regional Director of Dominica Registry.